Sustainability at Ballyseede Castle


At Ballyseede Castle Hotel, we are passionate about sustainability and are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by implementing effective green practices and procedures throughout the Castle. In April 2024, we were awarded the Silver Eco Award with Fifty Shades Greener and are now moving progressing toward the Gold and Platinum awards.

We actively began our ‘Green ’journey in 2020 and our fantastic team are key to our success in delivering amore sustainable and environmentally friendly service. Their invaluable input, insight and engagement is at the core of our achievements to date. Many initiatives have already been introduced and new ideas are emerging and evolving daily. We recognise that sustainability is a never-ending journey and are excited for the road ahead.



We follow the process of metering, measuring, monitoring, evaluating and managing our waste, energy, water and carbon in order to reduce:

  • We have retained our “real keys” rather than resorting to the use of plastic key cards.
  • All our light bulbs have been changed to LED lighting.
  • Food waste monitored on a continual basis in order to minimise wastage.
  • Our food waste management partners remove this waste and convert to Bio-fuel.
  • We use green energy only where possible.
  • We have our Green Procurement Policy in place and are actively working with suppliers to have them reduce, reuse and recycle packaging.
  • Most of our food products are produced within Kerry and the surrounding area where possible.
  • ‘Meat free days’ for staff meals.
  • Electric Car Chargers located in our car park.
  • We have signed up with the cycle to work scheme partnering with Travel Hub /Bike to work and actively encourage our staff avail of this wonderful scheme.


  • Adopting new ideas / adapting practices /embracing change.
  • Suggestion box in place for our staff to become actively involved /make suggestions on how we can further improve.
  • Waste Management programme in place with waste separation available in guest rooms, staff areas and public areas.
  • All our staff follow our ‘Think Before You Print’ policy.
  • We encourage guests to follow our 7 steps to a greener stay with literature available in guest bedrooms and also on prearrival confirmation email.


  • To be fully engaged in the reduction of our energy consumption and waste production through dedication, education, reducing& reusing. We aim to continue to reduce our landfill waste.
  • We follow a strict waste separation policy with all waste segregated into general, recycling and compost.
  • Oil Filtration System in use which reuses oil, consuming less and saving in oil used. This results in less deliveries, less pickups and reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Stationary station rather than stationary per person, resulting in less paper & pen usage.
  • We aim to dramatically reduce the use of singleuse, non-compostable plastics.
  • Fully biodegradable cups and eco-friendly packaging is used for take-away breakfast items.
  • We use environmentally friendly soap & shampoo in our bedrooms.
  • We have significantly reduced our single use plastics throughout our F&B operations.


  • Working together with a common understanding.
  • Promotion of our ‘green’ message through our social media channels.
  • Tree Planting on the hotel grounds.
  • Regular clean ups of our local surroundings in partnership with Tralee Tidy Towns
  • Donating old/unwanted goods to charity.
  • Responsible Recycling of Batteries.


Ballyseede Castle is set on 30 acres of rolling parkland surrounded by mature stands of native broadleaf woodland comprising of Sessile and pedunculate Oak, Beech, Birch, Ash, evergreens suchas Holly, Yew, and rhododendron. Native species such as oak, Alder Birch, Beech and pine were planted. Pollinator friendly species such as Rowan, Blackthorn, whitethorn, Holly, Willow, Guilder rose ,beach rose and dog woods were planted as understood planting.

The Belfry at Ballyseede Castle, which opened in 2024, was designed to support many pollinator-friendly species - to ensure our empasis will also remain on carbon offsetting.

Mapping of our grounds flora and Fauna is currently underway.



We are well on the way to achieving the Gold Eco Award with 50 Shades Greener with a long-term plan to become carbon neutral and even carbon positive.


OUR TARGETS for 2024-2025

  • Reduce packaging waste by 20%
  • Support locally produced goods and increase our local suppliers by 10% in 2024.
  • Source greener, eco-friendly products options in all hotel departments and increase Fairtrade purchases by 10%


  • Please turn off lights & TVs when they arenot in use
  • Why not Walk or use public transport?
  • Use the recycling bins provided in your bedroom.
  • Choose not to have a straw with your drink.
  • Try order only what you think you will eat atbreakfast or throughout your stay.
  • Why not have your receipt for your stay emailedto you?


  • Communicate the meetings green agenda in advanceso the attendees are prepared.
  • Notepads and pens are provided but please thinkbefore you use. We provide a stationary corner in each meeting room.
  • Use a projector instead of printed handouts.
  • Where possible email the meeting material inadvance so attendees can access on their laptop.
  • Type your notes throughout the meeting and emailthem to yourself.
  • As a hotel policy we have reduced our single useplastic throughout the hotel. Glass wear and crockery is provided forBeverages.
  • Filtered bottled water is provided in allmeeting rooms.

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